While Graton has a small population of about 1,889, it’s an appealing place to live for anyone who enjoys the country lifestyle. There are many historic buildings and beautiful back patios in this town, and most people own their own homes. The community is liberal and friendly, and residents are proud of their public schools. Moreover, there are a number of ways to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather that Graton, CA has to offer.

Graton, CA has a population of around 1.89k residents, with a median property value of $650,000. There are a variety of means of transportation available, and the majority of the residents are car-owners. In fact, a recent study showed that 97.6% of Graton, CA households have at least one car, and the majority own more than two cars. In terms of health insurance, the city is the number one choice in California. Most residents of Graton, CA have employer-provided health plans. Some have Medicaid, and the rest are self-funded. More info here.

Graton, CA is located at the southeastern edge of Green Valley, on the east bank of Atascadero Creek. It is 85 feet above sea level, and is home to Oak Grove School. Its median household income is N/A, and 3.72% of residents live below the poverty line. Its largest demographics are Males aged 65-74, and females aged 16-34. The area also has a large percentage of military personnel. Learn more.