The Museum of Sonoma County is an excellent place to explore the diverse history and culture of the Sonoma Valley. Located in downtown Sonoma, California, this non-profit organization is an interesting destination for visitors. The campus is comprised of the historic 1910 Santa Rosa Post Office, a contemporary art gallery, and a sculpture garden. You can visit the museum at 425 7th St, Santa Rosa, CA 9540 when you’re in the area.

The Museum of Sonoma County is a diverse and inspiring community museum. With exhibitions, education programs, and community engagement, the Museum of Sonoma County Santa Rosa CA engages and inspires all ages. It is a place for all ages and backgrounds. Whether you are interested in local history, art, or culture, you will be able to find a unique and memorable experience here. Next stop here.

A visit to the Museum of Sonoma County will enrich your cultural awareness and spark new ideas. The collection includes a large number of Chinese artifacts and photographs. Besides the permanent collection of the Chinese artifacts, the museum also features changing exhibitions and special events. The diverse community that resides in Sonoma County makes this museum an ideal destination for all ages and interests.

The museum’s mission is to inspire and engage the diverse community through art, history, and programs. Its diverse collections feature over 18,000 objects and presents 12-15 exhibitions annually. The Museum of Sonoma County Santa Rosa CA para: The Museum of Sonoma County is a nonprofit organization that connects community members through exhibitions, programs, and public events. Located downtown, the Museum of Sonoma County is open to the entire community, including children and the elderly.

Located downtown Santa Rosa, the Museum of Sonoma County is a cultural and artistic hub for the area. It presents 12 to 15 rotating exhibitions a year, with the current exhibits changing monthly. The Museum of Sonoma County is a great place to explore the history and art of Sonoma County and the region. It also offers many educational programs and is a great destination for family activities.

The Museum of Sonoma County has many diverse collections that will inspire visitors of all ages. Guests will enjoy the exhibitions, history, and art. In addition to this, the Museum of Sonoma County Santa Rosa CA has a large Chinese community. The collection has over one million items and is open to the public. You can find exhibits and programs that are appropriate for your family and the whole community at the museum. More here.

The museum’s history and art collection are a major attraction for the city. The building itself was once the Santa Rosa Post Office. Dan Peterson, who had been the museum’s director for a decade, was a former postal worker. He restored the building and placed it on the National Register of Historic Places. Upon his death, the museum was reopened to the public. This is a cultural and educational destination in Sonoma.