If you’re considering moving to Sonoma County, you should consider the city of Sebastopol. This California city is home to approximately 7,379 people, according to the 2010 U.S. Census. However, you’ll want to do some research on the city before you make your decision. Here are some things to know about Sebastopol, CA. After all, it’s not the first city to have a population of over seven thousand, so you’ll definitely want to do your homework and research on the area before you commit to a purchase.

The city’s population was estimated to be around 7,379 in 2010, which is higher than many other cities in the Bay Area. The population density is very high, with about 3,982.4 people per square mile or 1,537.6 per square kilometer. There are many places to shop for crafts in Sebastopol, including a farmer’s market on Sundays. In addition to visiting local businesses, there are also some great wineries in the area. More points of interest.

The earliest inhabitants of Sebastopol were the Coast Miwok and the Pomo tribe. The town formed in the 1850s as a small trade hub for farmers in the surrounding agricultural region. As a result of the California Gold Rush and westward migration, the population of the city grew significantly. The town grew as more settlers flooded into the fertile valleys north of San Francisco. Throughout the years, the city has undergone several changes to meet the needs of its growing population. More here…

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